Information needed for new applicants

For first time applicants, the necessary information that you will need to bring are:


1.  Government issued photo ID

2.  Piece of mail with your current address, such as a water bill, utility bill, etc. 

3. Social Security cards for each member of the household.  We also will accept immunization records, school cards, birth certificates, as well as passports.    

4.  Proof of income


     *If you move, new proof of address is required. 

     *Let us know if there is a new family member.  Household member requirements apply.  (See above)

     *Bring custody papers for children under 18 that are not yours by birth.  Ex:  Foster children, grandchildren,

      nieces, and nephews.   


**All applicant forms allowing family members to pick up food must show a renewal date of no later date of  2015.    Each person must be present to sign the form.