We would be unable to do what we do without the help of generous volunteers and donors from local business, individuals, and charitable foundations.  


Thank you 

Lisa had enjoyed the "everyday" life that we seem to take for granted until 1988, when she suffered a debilitating stroke.  


After her stroke, she had relied on friends to give her assistance in many aspects including transportation.  Several years ago, one of her friends noticed she did not have enough food and brought her to Bread of Life. 


She believes the quality and the amount of food she receives from Bread of Life helps sustain her for at least 2 weeks.  She expresses a heart-felt gratitude for the ministry. 


 Lisa truly enjoys coming to Bread of Life.  Every volunteer makes her feel welcomed.  She also states, "I feel complete when coming to Bread of Life." 

Daniel and Ruth are a family with 3 children living in Wichita, Ks.  They were both employed at the same company and found themselves overnight without a job -- their positions were terminated.  They went from a family with dual income to none instantly. They came to Bread of Life for the first time in March 2019.  


Daniel & Ruth are a typical family with economic challenges that find themselves in need of assistance due to circumstances beyond their control and are in need of help feeding their family

Judie has been coming to Bread of Life for several years now.  


She found Bread of Life through the Kansas Food Bank's website.  


Her husband became disabled and Judie had to quit her job to stay home and be his caretaker.  Shortly after, her daughter and grandchildren were in need themselves and Judie welcomed them into their home.  


With changes in her husband's health and increase of people to feed in her home, she looked for agencies that could assist in her time of need. 


She states that she is beyond grateful for what Bread of Life has done to help over the years.  Every time she visits Bread of Life, she finds the volunteers so helpful and gracious.  She truly believes the volunteers are the friendliest people and feels very loved.