Distribution day - Tuesdays only

We are open for distribution only on Tuesday.  We are open from 10:00 am to 1:45 pm.  We ask that there be no one in line before 6:00 am.  


We DO NOT take orders or do delivery.  


Additional Produce Giveaway the third (3rd) Saturday of the month @ 11:30 am.

what to expect

9:30 am - Volunteers gather for prayer before we begin the day.

10 am - Doors open.  

Intake room

Computer operators checking clients in.

Counseling area.  

Storehouse - Bags are loaded and handed out to clients.  We provide carry-outs for those unable to carry their groceries. 

Garments of Praise - The client's last stop.  They are allowed to take all the clothes they need.